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Russian military leaves Latvian soil

RIGA - While most Latvians preparing for winter and their government was giddy with hopes of Europea

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Estonia's ruling coalition wins in Tallinn City Council shuffle

TALLINN - Estonia's ruling government coalition has claimed victory in the fight for Tallinn's City

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Vike-Freiberga sends party bill to Parliament

RIGA - Legislation that would up the minimum membership to register a political party in Latvia five

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Rolandas Paksas teeters on resignation

VILNIUS - Prime Minister Rolandas Paksas was close to resignation when The Baltic Times went to pres

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A time for sergeants

A new and important figure has appeared in the armies of the three Baltic countries, one who is like

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The European Commission was expected to release favorable progress reports about Latvia and Lithuani

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What is it with those mobile phones?

Estonians have taken to the new techno-culture like polar bears to an icy Arctic sea. Benjamin Smith

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Promoting Serb culture

Svetozar Postic, 29, teaches the Serb language and gives lectures on Serb literature, culture and hi

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Latvian films, Spanish passion

Three Latvian artists - nonagenarian flamenco dancer Marta Alberinga, painter Dzemma Skulme and flam

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'Go West' with photographer Ann Tenno

America's most famous sights taunt photographers. Their grandeur refuses to squeeze into the dimensi

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