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EU hopefuls to Brussels: Set a date

TALLINN - The message to the European Union came through loud and clear: Speed up negotiations and s

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American isolationism resurgent?

U.S. war guarantees to Poland today and Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia and Rumania tomorrow may seem cos

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So the pending deal between Lithuania and the U.S. energy company Williams International would place

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Last week's news from Brussels was good for all three Baltic states, but now comes the hard part. No

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Have Latvian women overcome?

After the United Nations released a provocative report on gender in Latvia, Blake Lambert discovered

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The coolest uncool guy

"I'm a lucky guy," says Joel de Luna. "At the age of 34 I know exactly what I want from life and I k

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The fate of a former capital

Now that its glory days have passed, Lithuania's second largest city is slipping behind Vilnius and

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U.S. Ranger motto rings true in Tartu

Rangers lead the way!" is the motto of the United States Army Rangers. As a member of the first clas

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The birth of three modern defense forces

At the Baltic Defense College in Tartu, young officers from eight different countries learn how to l

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Stock markets: weekly report (October 8 - 15)

Estonia: News fails to move marketInvestors remained unimpressed with news released during the ou

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