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Looking to the past, seeking the future

Experts gathered in Vilnius to discuss the impact of the Molotov-Ribbentrop Pact on the Baltic state

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Stock markets: weekly report (October 1 - 8)

Estonia: Norma suffers from jittersNervous investors bailed out of Norma's stock last week, sendi

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Baltic markets rebound

Last week all three Baltic markets rebounded, with the largest gains - 5 percent to 6 percent - bein

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Summed up

PIRELLI ROLLS INTO THE BALTICS: One of the world's leading tire manufacturers, Pirelli, will extend

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Cheap car costs bureaucrat his job

TALLINN - A high-up employee in Estonia's Ministry of Finance has lost his job for allegedly taking

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From Belarus, with scads of cash

VILNIUS - Nuclear dismantlement expert Robert S. Pollitt came to Vilnius from Belarus in a hurry. He

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Unemployment level in Latvia drops to 9.5 percent

RIGA (BNS) - The unemployment level in Latvia has dropped to 9.5 percent, the highest fall experienc

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Good management pushes factories forward

TARTU - When management at the Sangar sewing factory discovered that employees weren't taking their

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EU-Phare steps in to help Lithuanian exports

VILNIUS - In the wake of the Russian financial disaster, Lithuanian businesses are confronting the c

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Rescue decision gets a mixed reaction

VILNIUS - A plan approved by a Lithuanian court has cheered up beet farmers and sugar plant workers

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