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Rulers want few changes to the rules

RIGA - With its numerous parties and awkward coalitions, it might appear that Latvia's political sys

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Soviet my eye!

VILNIUS - Two days before passing a law that requires more money for the Lithuanian military, the Pa

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Remembering 1991: 'Days of victory'

VILNIUS - Last week Lithuania commemorated its not so distant history - the Soviet aggression of Jan

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Prosecutor to examine WW II-era book

RIGA (BNS) - The Latvian prosecutor general's office announced Jan. 19 it will launch an investigati

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Pressure puts teachers off Latvian

RIGA - For many teachers from Russian-language schools, getting a language certificate that says the

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Government drags feet on citizenship

RIGA - Natalija Artjuh is Russian, but she wants her 4-year-old son to grow up speaking Latvian. She

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New book focuses on Estonian for foreigners

TALLINN - Foreigners struggling to get their heads around the Estonian language might find their lab

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Estonia struggles with church conundrum

TALLINN - Representatives from the Moscow and Constantinople Orthodox churches will be coming to Est

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Parties sign cooperation agreement

TALLINN - The Center Party and the Country People's Party have signed a memorandum that will see the

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Off the Wire

ISRAELI PRESSURE OVER NAZI TRIALS: Israeli Parliament Chairman Dan Tichon said in Vilnius Jan. 14 th

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