NATO members have moral obligation to increase military support to Ukraine - Rinkevics

RIGA - NATO member states have a moral obligation not only to continue but also to increase bilateral and joint military support for Ukraine, La...

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Memory of Holocaust victims is alive in Latvia - Saeima speaker

RIGA - The Holocaust is a tragedy of Latvia, many other European countries and the whole mankind, and the memory of Holocaust victims is and wil...

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Latvia backs two-state solution - Levits in Palestine

RIGA - Favorable conditions have to be created for further steps of the Middle East Peace Process that would lead to the implementation of the s...

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What is the Volume of the Bingo Industry, and What to Expect in Future Years?

The UK's gambling industry has grown to be one of the largest of any country in the world. It has led the charge towards technical innovatio...

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Poor Credit Score? 5 Loan Products You Might Want to Look Into

Our finances are one of the most important aspects of our lives. Without good financial management, you’re bound to fail financially. And ...

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Semiconductor manufacturing in Latvia on the horizon as 12 partners sign MoU

A Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) has been signed, solidifying a commitment among 12 partners to develop semiconductor manufacturing capabilit...

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How Strong Is the Gaming Industry in the Baltic Countries?

Gaming is a popular activity in the Baltic countries. In 2020, it is estimated that 1.6 million people played at least one title during that yea...

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Poland to take over lead of NATO Baltic air policing mission, to be joined by French jets

VILNIUS - Poland is taking over the lead of NATO's air policing mission in Lithuania and will be supported by the French Air Force which is ...

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NATO foreign ministers in Bucharest discuss support to Ukraine

BUCHAREST - Foreign ministers of NATO member states gathered for a two-day meeting in the Romanian capital Bucharest on Tuesday to discuss forms...

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