September churns out some thrilling political events

As autumn sets in – I hope you’re not experiencing season change related blues? – the Baltics’s, Europe’s and the ...

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How cyber phishing attacks target students

College students are favorite targets for phishing scams. Maybe it’s because they’ll be responsible for their own finances for the f...

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Asians and Africans prefer in person meetings, says owner of a Latvian trade corporation

Direct and personal meetings at dinner are becoming increasingly important in the digital age, says Latvian entrepreneur Janis Kulikovskis, whos...

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Workland CEO: Number of people at coworking spaces in Baltics to double by 2022

Coworking centres, where different companies, teams and independent contractors share an office space, have a consistently growing share in rela...

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Putin calls for moratorium on intermediate-, shorter-range missiles' deployment in Europe, other regions

MOSCOW - Russian President Vladimir Putin sent a message to several dozen countries, including NATO member states, last week to propose a morato...

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VILNIUS-based Lecturer Schimmels has Native American Indian blood

American Indian Kristina Schimmels from U.S. Says Historical Injustice is Better Understood Due to Her Own Background ...

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University of Tartu to develop photonics with a €2.5m grant from the European Union

University of Tartu researchers are embarking on an extensive five-year project, during which a Centre of Photonics and Computational Imaging (C...

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Lithuanian hotel market reaches limits for some locations, whereas others still have untapped potential

Inviting foreign guests or business partners to Vilnius today, you should have no problem finding them somewhere to stay. The capital's real...

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The advantages of starting a business in Poland

Although Poland may not be part of the top low tax jurisdictions in Europe, such as Belize,...

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