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Border guards detain Russian man

LETA/TBT Staff Border guards at the Grebneve border crossing have detained a Russian citizen attempting to bring in 14...

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Populations of Kuprava and Kepova regions shrink most

The populations of Kuprava and Kepova counties decreased the most due to internal migration over the past 18 years, according to the Central Sta...

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Welfare Ministry wants EUR 6.4 million

The Welfare Ministry has asked for EUR 6.4 million to be allotted from the 2019 budget in order to increase wages paid to state social care cent...

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Government‘s plan to foster economic growth in Latgale

The Cabinet of Ministers on 19 September approved an action plan to foster economic development in Latgale province in 2018-2021, which stipulat...

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Russia's policies not expected to change anytime soon

During a seminar at the Adazi military base on 19 September, the head of the Defense Ministry's Defense Policy Department Gita Leitlande sai...

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Saeima supports Constitutional amendments on electing president in open vote

On 21 September, Latvian Saeima in the second reading supported Constitutional amendments, stipulated that the president of Latvia is elected in...

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Latvian President underscores Latvia’s advantage in logistics

LETA/TBT Staff Latvian President Raimonds Vejonis during his meeting with Chinese President Xi Jinping  on 19 Sep...

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Who will vie for seats in the Latvian Saeima elections?

Sixteen political parties and party alliances have been registered with Latvia’s Central Election Commission for the parliamentary electio...

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Latvia to send additional expert to OSCE mission in Ukraine

RIGA - Another observer from Latvia will join the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE) Special Monitoring Mission to Ukrai...

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Largest number of Latvian nationals residing in Great Britain, Ireland and Germany

RIGA - According to information from the Office of Citizenship and Migration Affairs (PMLP), the largest number of Latvian nationals residing ab...

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