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Latvian Constitutional Court turns down complaint about teacher loyalty amendments

The Latvian Constitutional Court has ruled that the amendments to the Education Law enabling the authorities to fire teachers, who are found to ...

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Can Latvian universities be as good as Tartu University?

Latvia is attracting an increasing number of students from abroad every year. It’s becoming a popular destination for studying medicine, d...

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Kolvart: Not correct to call helping Red Army veterans propaganda

Mihhail Kolvart, chairman of the council of Tallinn, has published a response to critics who have described his joining a program aimed to help ...

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How Martin Luther still inspires today

It all began 500 years ago. Martin Luther, an Augustinian monk in Germany and a minor academic at a university in a small town called Wittenberg...

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Tartu on a path to continuous innovation as Estonia’s Silicon Valley

Tartu is considered to be the intellectual centre of Estonia. In December 2018, Tartu hosted sTARTUp Day, the largest international business fes...

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Not competing on price: modern and smart office buildings are more desirable to tenants

The third quarter of 2017 was active in the modern offices market. Projects of various sizes contributed to the increase of modern office space ...

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Analysis: Tallinn-Helsinki tunnel to double cargo, passenger carriage

According to calculations by the FinEst Link project investigating the feasibility of the planned Tallinn-Helsinki tunnel, the annual number of ...

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Latvia needs more international hotel chain names

Janis Pinnis, the President of Latvia’s Association of Hotels & Restaurants (AHRL), highlighted some of the current trends in the Latv...

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British creative industries guru: ‘The Lithuanians don’t like to blow their own trumpet’

David Parrish is a well established authority in the world of creative industries. “T-Shirts and Suits”, Parrish’s guide to th...

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Estonian woman caught with 2 kg of hashish in Norway receives jail sentence

A court in Norway has handed a nine month jail sentence to an Estonian woman in her 20s who at the end of October was caught with approximately ...

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