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Lithuania's Defence ministry considers appeal of ruling on former Air Force chief

BNS, TBT staff Lithuania's Defense Ministry plans to consider the possibility of filing an appeal against the cour...

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The Latvian of the Year Award in Britain celebrating the achievements of Latvia’s largest diaspora community in the world

The Latvian diaspora in the United Kingdom constitutes the largest Latvian community in the world outside of Latvia itself. It’s also...

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As 2018 approaches

Many European politicians and observers viewed the coming of 2017 with fear and trepidation, a year of potentially overwhelming challenges. Pess...

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Crypto currencies have got everyone up and talking in 2017

How the year of 2017 has been for local business? The Baltic Times talked to Armands Broks, founder and CEO of the marketplace lender Twino, abo...

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Another year gone

To a very large extent, 2017 has been something of a year of chaos within international politics, although not so very much in Latvian politics....

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2017 belongs to Donald Trump, Emmanuel Macron and Vladimir Putin

The Baltic Times also asked Latvia‘s former prime minister Valdis Birkavsto comment on the expiring year and provide a few insights into t...

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Europe saw more stability in 2017. The Saeima election in focus in 2018

The Baltic Times commends Latvian President Raimonds Vejonis who, unlike his counterparts in Lithuania and Estonia, found some time to give his ...

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Estonia's tech guru outlines ideas for digital 'estcoin'

Estonia could become the first country in Europe to launch its own digital means of exchange – the “estcoin” – under pla...

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Britons in Latvia: from concerns about Brexit effects to hopes that customers will focus on quality rather than price

The Baltic Times spoke to a couple of British national living and/or running business in Latvia. How their year of 2017 has been? What impedimen...

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Porzingis and Ostapenko win awards

Basketball star Kristaps Porzingis and tennis star Alona Ostapenko have been named Latvia's Athletes of the Year at the annual sports awards...

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