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NATO Deputy Secretary General: US armored brigade a 'proportionate response' to Russia

VILNIUS - The deployment of American tanks and fighting vehicles to Central and Eastern Europe is a proportionate response to Russia's aggre...

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In Astana, negotiations for a settlement of the conflict in Syria will be arranged

It seems that a long-awaited breakthrough of the conflict in Syria is approaching. The parties are ready to start negotiations in a neutral coun...

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Estonian government makes easier hiring seasonal workers from abroad

TALLINN – The Estonian government on Thursday approved a regulation which will make it easier to employ seasonal workers outside of Estoni...

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Riga International Airport CEO Jurjevs stands down

RIGA - Armands Jurjevs, who took office as Riga International Airport CEO at the end of October 2016, is standing down, BNS was told at the comp...

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Estonia's OEG planning to enter new online gambling markets

TALLINN – The freshly established Maltan subsidiary of the listed Estonian casino operator Olympic Entertainment Group (OEG) will, among o...

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Ojars Skudra predicts active involvement of Russian media in Latvia's local government elections

RIGA - Ojars Skudra, Associate Professor with the Faculty of Social Sciences at the University of Latvia, believes that Russian media will be ac...

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Lithuanian parliament starts debates on cutting MP seats, moving general elections to spring

VILNIUS - The Lithuanian parliament started on Thursday debates on constitutional amendments aimed at cutting the number of seats in the Seimas ...

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Government endorses Estonia-US defense cooperation agreement

TALLINN - The Estonian government on Thursday gave its nod to an agreement on defense cooperation between the United States and Estonia that wou...

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Kalnins: Within just a few years, Russia has been able to transform itself from a partner to a strategic problem for all

RIGA - Before the events in Ukraine, Russia could be seen as a strategic partner to NATO, even though a problematic one, however, Russia has now...

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Poll: Lembergs would make the best prime minister of Latvia

RIGA - Aivars Lembergs, chairman of the For Latvia and Ventspils party, would make the best prime minister of Latvia, according to a public opin...

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