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Hepatitis C not discovered in any of 25 donor blood samples that tested positive earlier

RIGA - Hepatitis C has not been discovered in any of the blood samples of 25 donors who were tested positive for hepatitis C in the past year by...

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Lithuanian, Estonian, Latvian ambassadors: Baltic states aren't ex-Soviet republics

VILNIUS - Ambassadors of the three Baltic states have asked the German media to stop referring to Lithuania, Latvia, and Estonia to as former So...

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Karilaid: This Estonian parliament won't adopt implementing act of civil partnership law

TALLINN - Chairman of the Estonian parliament's Legal Affairs Committee Jaanus Karilaid finds that the present composition of the Riigikogu ...

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Estonia's administrative reform to change up to 1 million addresses

TALLINN - According to the Estonian state-owned postal and logistics services company AS Eesti Post operating under the Omniva brand, ...

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Lux Express passengers no longer need to cross Estonian-Russian border on foot

TALLINN – Buses of Lux Express Estonia serving the Tallinn-St. Petersburg route is now running across the Russian border and passengers no...

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Information about blood donors infected with hepatitis C came to light when Belevics was health minister

RIGA - Information that some blood donors at the State Blood Donor Center could be infected with hepatitis C came to light when Guntis Belevics ...

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Ex-ambassador: Lithuania can cooperate with Russia in culture, medicine, tourism

VILNIUS – Even amid the complex relations with Russia, Lithuania can still cooperate in fields of culture, medicine, and tourism, says the...

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Estonia: Several Elron trains delayed due to snow

TALLINN - A major snowstorm has caused train delays on Thursday morning across Estonia and some trains have been replaced by buses. ...

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Latvia: Western yellow wagtail named Bird of Year 2017

RIGA - The Latvian Ornithological Society has chosen the western yellow wagtail (Motacilla flavor) as the Bird of the Year 2016. &#...

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Crossing of Estonian-Russian border may be slower this week

TALLINN - In connection with the holiday period ending, the time it takes to pass through the Narva border crossing point on the Estonian-Russia...

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