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Norway’s oil fund doubles investment in Lithuanian government bonds in 2015

VILNIUS - Norway’s government pension fund, which is often referred to as the Norwegian oil fund and is one of the biggest global institut...

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Donny Montell is Lithuania's choice for Eurovision

Just as I had predicted, the domestic Eurovision contest organised by LRTV (Lithuanian National Television) was won by Donny Montell with his so...

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Latvian army to assist in training Ukrainian soldiers

Officers from the Latvian armed forces have joined soldiers from the United States, Lithuania, Canada and the UK in the Joint Multinational Trai...

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Lithuania to discuss reintroduction of permanent conscription

Monday March 14 will see Lithuanian President, Dalia Grybauskaite, hold a meeting of the State Defence Council, which is set to discuss the rein...

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Month-long military exercises to take place in Kaunas

The municipality of Lithuania’s second city, Kaunas, has confirmed that month-long military exercises will take place in and around the ci...

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Latvia's Muslim community affected by radicalisation

Normunds Mezviets, the head of the Latvian Security Police, told Latvian television on Monday that the country’s Muslim community has been...

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Lithuania will give 5.2 million Euros to Turkey

As the European Union attempts to solve the migration crisis, Lithuania will give 5.2 million Euros to Turkey, which intends to host illegal mig...

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Russian journalists expelled from Lithuania

Three Russian journalists have been expelled from Lithuania for creating disruptions at a gathering of Russian intellectuals and opposition figu...

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Grybauskaite considering taking government resolution to Constitutional Court

Lithuania's President Dalia Grybauskaite says is considering turning to the Constitutional Court over the government's resolution which ...

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Could Circular Economy save the Baltic Sea?

HELSINKI - Water is, after air, the most important resource for us humans. Yet water is wasted in unbelievable ways and seas have become our lan...

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