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Ukrainian government needs a nudge in tackling Crimean crisis

Ukraine’s future is largely dependent on the resolution of Crimean crisis. If our country starts the legal de-occupation of the peninsula,...

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Defiant upstart from prominent Lithuanian kin

He had a promising diplomatic career, which, with the boost of the prominence of his kin (his father is a former member of the European Parliame...

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Abeyance does no good to anyone

Summer is over and all are back to their usual business. That is how tersely the mood in three Baltic States of Lithuania, Latvia, and Estonia c...

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Could Putin be ousted in a Kremlin coup?

Putin has failed to seize control of the Security Council, which could oust him for his adventurous foreign policies. On Aug. 12,...

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I have a Dream, or where would I like to live?

When somebody asks me where I would like to live, I always reply: “Lithuania.” Having said that, I have been living between Switzerl...

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Lithuania’s UNESCO ambassador: ‘I wish Lithuanian artists were more politically engaged!’

As a painter, arts manager, politician, and now Lithuania’s top diplomat at UNESCO, 47-year-old Arunas Gelunas deals with culture and crea...

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The potential consequences of a Trump presidency for Baltic security

The catchphrases of Republican Party presidential nominee Donald Trump have captured the world’s attention since the beginning of the cont...

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Diaspora: Or Lettish diatribe

I’m beginning to wonder whether this whole DIASPORA labelling of my compatriots abroad is not just some clever make-work marketing shtik a...

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Russia’s flirtation with fascism

Western policymakers in recent years have struggled to categorise the Russian political system, often resorting to vague phrases such as “...

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The secret of Putin’s survival

Two years ago, a long process of growing authoritarianism and isolationism under President Vladimir Putin culminated in Russia’s annexatio...

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