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Ukraine’s Eurovision victory shifts focus from music to politics

As Lithuania increased its foothold in the Eurovision Song Contest with a well deserved 9th position, its artist Donny Montell vowed to come bac...

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A rainbow coalition for Lithuania

Predicting election results is a notoriously tricky business, as the rise of Donald Trump has shown. Analysts and pollsters failed to appreciate...

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Life-changing experience for American Latvian interns in ancestral land

The American Latvian Association (ALA) recently celebrated its 65th anniversary and is sending a new group of young interns to work in the Balti...

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In Latvia or in America, hockey is the same

VENTSPILS - When people ask me how coaching hockey in Latvia is going, I reply with: “It is a disaster.” Let me clarify, it is a dis...

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The role of Sweden and Finland in NATO’s defence of the Baltic States

Militarily speaking, the three Baltic States — Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania — are isolated from other NATO members. It would be ex...

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Poland aborts freedom

BUDAPEST - If Americans think that Donald Trump’s call to jail women who have abortions can’t ever become law, they should consider ...

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Bribing here, bribing there

RIGA - This past Monday a court in the United States released some documents which contained the guilty pleas of three people who got caught up ...

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Copy Estonia? Don’t believe the Skype!

Editor’s note: A version of this article was first published on March 2 with, the English news service for Latvia’s state...

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Scared of Russia? Baltics geopolitically a lot luckier than many other regions

Andres Ilmar Kasekamp, the Canadian-born and educated scholar, is an expert when it comes to analysing the intricacies of the politics of the Ba...

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Tackling Latvia’s inequality

PARIS - Latvia is home to highly volatile economic growth, one of the highest levels of income inequality in the E...

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