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‘Changes in Lithuanian Social Democratic Party are inevitable if we do not want to go extinct’

He is called one of the rising social democratic stars of the young generation and perhaps therefore his “straight-to-the-point” rhe...

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Civil society against terrorism

After the terror attacks in Paris last November — a carefully coordinated series of assaults carried out by multiple attackers, resulting ...

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In the wake of Brexit the Baltic States should apply for membership of the British Commonwealth!

What I don’t understand is WHY the newly independent Baltic States are doing themselves a major fiscal disservice by becoming increasingly...

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Flags at half-mast

I recently returned from a holiday in my native country of America, where I enjoyed two weeks of almost interrupted sunshine, a baseball game (m...

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The federalist threat to Europe

The world is fundamentally different after the “Brexit” referendum in the United Kingdom. It will be decades before we know the full...

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EBRD: Boosting Baltic companies through direct investment and via private equity funds

  The European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) was established in haste in 1991 to assist in build...

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Give Britain time

“Careful and calm deliberation unties every knot!” a fly-fishing English friend once told me. I was reminded of these words in the a...

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Latvian leftist MEP’s visit to Syria is unacceptable and condemnable

Foreign Minister Edgars Rinkevics (Unity) believes that European Parliament Member Tatjana Zdanoka’s (Latvian Union of Russians) recent vi...

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NATO chooses wisely

At their Summit in Warsaw NATO leaders decided to create four multinational battalions of about 1,000 soldiers to be deployed to Poland and to e...

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Baltic nationalists and extremists will take advantage of Brexit

The most disappointing consequence of Brexit for foreigners living in the UK has become the unexpected rise of xenophobia. According to the beha...

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