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Why Italians are fond of Putin and weary of Baltics’ security worries

Alessandro Vitale is a professor at the University of Milan. He teaches Foreign Policy Analysis and Political and Economic Geography at the Facu...

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What steps NATO must take to contain Russian aggression

The recent announcement thThe recent announcement that NATO is considering the establishment of a permanent 4,000-troop rotation in Poland and t...

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The terrorist attack in Aktobe

Kazakhstan, one of the most stable states of the post-Soviet space, lived in the regimen of anti-terrorist operation for a whole week. The relig...

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Inaugural Nemtsov Prize awarded to Lev Shlosberg

Russia’s national day that has its origins in a 1990 parliamentary declaration that asserted Russia’s sovereignty over the Soviet go...

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Brexit is to spiral off to Frexit, Grexit, Nexit, Swexit, and so on?

Some events are so seismic we only have to mention the date they happened for everyone to know what we’re talking about. Sept. 11 certainl...

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Lasma Stabina: Latvia’s 2016 Trafficking in Persons Hero

Lasma Stabina was recently nominated by the US Embassy in Latvia as Latvia’s 2016 Trafficking in Persons (TIP) Hero for her exceptional co...

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Lithuania: The politics of corruption

This was to be the year that the Lithuanian Republic Liberal Movement (LRLS) finally moved to the centre stage of Lithuanian politics. After an ...

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Latvia: Reactionary Lutherans

Last week the Latvian Evangelical Lutheran Church (LELB) met to amend its internal constitution to declare that women cannot be ordained by the ...

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Lithuania needs to shun investment strategy redraws

Gintautas Bartkus, 49, is one of Lithuania’s leading and highly respected lawyers. From 2000 to 2001, he was the Justice Minister in the L...

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There is a clear agreement on the values which gather Latvia and France

The European Union is currently facing negative reactions from part of its population. Yet relationships may be strong between some European cou...

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