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Post-Soviet Russia: What went wrong?

When Boris Yeltsin stood atop a tank in front of the Russian Parliament Building on Aug. 19, 1991 to defy a communist coup, it seemed to many th...

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Trump may not be a phenomenon, but just the first sign of broader changes

At the peak of the US presidential race, the world, and the Baltics, is jittery guessing what to expect from the vociferous GOP nominee in the p...

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Lithuanian track and field prodigy: ‘An easy path is not for me’

For Lithuanian sports records, Virgilijus Alekna, a two-time Olympic gold medalist in discus throw, is tantamount to Jesus Christ in the Scriptu...

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Globalisation for everyone

Nowadays, globalisation’s opponents seem increasingly to be drowning out its defenders. If they get their way, the post-World War Two inte...

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Kremlin’s election games provide opening for opposition

Last Sunday, Russians voted in their seventh parliamentary election since the fall of the Soviet Union. The last three of those elections &mdash...

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Leadership icons of a globalised world

In today’s global culture, where simple models help make sense of so much complexity, German Chancellor Angela Merkel and Russian Presiden...

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Pulling up the German welcome mat?

This was Berlin’s summer of discontent. Exactly one year ago, Chancellor Angela Merkel’s principled decision to open Germany’s...

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PLB President: ‘Lithuania’s exodus plays into our hands, not the state’s’

Calling the chairmanship of the Lithuanian World Community (PLB) a “great honour,” Dalia Henke, the president, has to work hard to o...

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White House race: Great challenges, flawed candidates

The US elections are the most important in the world. Because decisions taken in Washington resonate throughout the planet and have far-reaching...

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Taking Trump seriously about NATO

A Donald Trump presidency would be a catastrophe for NATO and the West. Aside from threatening to withdraw the United States from the North Amer...

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