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27,000-euro fine slapped on suspect in vote-buying case in 2014 Latvian general elections

DAUGAVPILS - The Latgale Regional Court has fined Vilani local council lawmaker and businessman Andris Kozulis 27,000 euros, or 75 minimum wages...

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Latvia: Poland offers tank company to join Canadian battle group in 2017

RIGA - Poland has offered a tank company to accompany the Canadian battle group to be deployed to Latvia, as the Polish Embassy in Riga verified...

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Krumins: KNAB searching for ‘furuncles and not engaging in normal activities’

RIGA - Millionaire Julijs Krumins, who the Corruption Prevention Bureau (KNAB) detained on Wednesday on suspicion of involvement in illegal part...

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Corruption watchdog looks into donations received by Riga vice-mayor’s party

The Latvian Corruption Prevention Bureau has confirmed that it had started a probe into donations that the Honour to Serve Riga (GKR) Party, hea...

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Suspicions against Jurmala mayor

Gatis Truksnis, the mayor of the Latvian seaside resort town Jurmala, is suspected of violations in the financing of political parties, Latvian ...

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Latvian minister notes huge growth of Baltic tourism

The Baltic States have achieved huge growth in tourism markets in China, Japan, and the US over the last five years, Latvian Economics Minister ...

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Why is life expectancy in Latvia 6 years shorter than the OECD average?

Life expectancy at birth in Latvia is 73.9 years of age; that’s six years less than the OECD average. Since the country’s financial ...

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Kucinskis opposes compulsory health insurance proposed by central bank

RIGA - The Bank of Latvia's suggestion that compulsory health insurance should be implemented in Latvia could be extremely risky in the long...

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Corruption Prevention Bureau denies that missing files contained classified information

RIGA - The Corruption Prevention Bureau (KNAB) on Tuesday denied that the case files which went missing from the bureau contained classified dat...

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Medics to hold protest on Oct. 14, planning further protest campaigns

RIGA - The Latvian Health and Social Care Workers' Trade Union (LVSADA) plan to stage a new protest campaign on Oct. 14 when the traditional...

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