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Estonian Drink Drivers Undeterred By Risks of Punishment

TALLINN - The Estonian punishment practice has not been sufficiently effective in reducing drunk driving, it appears from an analysis carried ou...

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Estonian court puts store robbing gang behind bars

TALLINN - The Harju County Court last Monday meted out stiff prison sentences to a gang that robbed stores in the Estonian capital Tallinn, caus...

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Striking Estonian kindergarten teachers cycle to the capital

TALLINN - Estonian kindergarten teachers  have handed over a petition to Parliament signed by more than 27,000 people after they called for...

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Medieval ships uncovered beneath Tallinn building sites

TALLINN - The remains of several medieval ships have been uncovered in a residential area of Tallinn by builders constructing new apartment buil...

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Estonia ramps up military activity on this year’s Victory Day

TALLINN - Soldiers marched through the island town of Kardla on Tuesday to celebrate Estonian Victory Day. Army units from Estoni...

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Eesti in brief

Asylum in Estonia Estonia is one of the least desirable destinations in the EU for asylum seekers, according to ...

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US to position tanks and heavy artillery in Baltics

2 By Helen Wright, TALLINN America will “pre-position” tanks and a heavy artillery battalion in the B...

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Estonian Defence Minister calls for more NATO funding to Ukraine

Estonia’s Minister of Defence, Sven Mikser, believes NATO member states should provide more funding to Ukraine, in order to prevent the si...

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President Ilves calls for containment of Russia

Speaking at the Munich Security Conference in Vienna on June 17, Estonian President Toomas Hendrik Ilves called for a containment policy against...

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Estonia Commemorates 1941 deportations

Thousands of people across Estonia paid their respects to the memories of more than 10,000 of their fellow countrymen and women, who were deport...

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