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Estonia to send humanitarian aid to war torn Iraq

Estonia will send 70,000 euros towards alleviating the humanitarian situation in Iraq,

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Lithuania sends aid to Ukraine amid unrest

Lithuania will send field rations and medical supplies to the Ukraine amid unrest in t

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Merkel pledges NATO will defend Baltic member states

Germany's Angela Merkel promised the Baltic states on Monday that NATO would defen

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It’s official: U.S President Obama to visit Estonia for talks before NATO summit

U.S President Barack Obama will visit Estonia on September 3, Estonia's Foreign Mi

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Top military commander warns NATO of another Ukraine ’scenario’

A top military commander has warned NATO member states over the threat of another

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Former Ukraine President in Lithuania for major EU conference

Ukrainian Parliament Speaker and former acting president Oleksandr Turchynov has arriv

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Estonia FM says EU ready for more action over Ukraine unrest

The European Union could consider further steps against Russia amid the crisis in the

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Merkel in Latvia for talks amid Ukraine crisis

German Chancellor Angela Merkel is visiting Latvia today for talks amid the crisis in

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Estonia discus thrower becomes countries most succesful athlete

Estonian discus thrower Gerd Kanter has become the most successful athlete in Estonia

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EU leaders discuss impact of Russia food sanctions

European Commission leaders have held talks over the impact of Russia's recent foo

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