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Latvians fighting for pro Russia rebels in Ukraine to face ’severe punishment’ says minister

Latvian combatants fighting for pro Russia rebels in eastern Ukraine will face 'se

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U.S to send troops to Baltics for war games

The U.S. is set to deploy 600 troops, tanks and armored vehicles in the Baltic states

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Estonia accuses Russia of spreading ’lies’ over scout hike

Estonia has called on Russia to stop spreading 'lies' concerning a hike organi

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Lithuania official proposes to legalize euthanasia

A Lithuanian MP has proposed to legalize euthanasia in Lithuania.

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Pro Russia party signs major deal with Crimea group

The Latvian Union of Russians has signed a cooperation agreement with the pro-Russia r

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Latvia prepared for more sanctions, says PM

The Latvian government has a back up plan should Russia decide to implement additional

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Latvia summons Russia ambassador after politician says Baltics would be ’annihilated’

Latvia's Foreign Ministry has summoned Russian Ambassador to Latvia Alexander Vesh

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Firms receive 5 million euro boost to tackle Russia sanctions

Latvian firms have been granted tax breaks in an effort to counter Russian food sancti

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Estonian firms forced to find new markets amid Russia sanctions

New markets will have to be found for Estonian agriculture firms hit by recent Russian

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Lithuania moves closer to joining euro after first coins delivered

The first batch of Lithuanian euro coins are being delivered to the Bank of Lithuania&

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