Top military commander warns NATO of another Ukraine ’scenario’

  • 2014-08-18
  • From wire reports, RIGA

General Philip Breedlove (photo: twitter)

A top military commander has warned NATO member states over the threat of another 'Ukraine destabilization scenario', Deutsche Welle reports.

Commander of the combined forces of the Commonwealth in the European Union, Philip Breedlove said NATO member states, including the Baltics, should be prepared for a 'new type of war' after the crisis in the Ukraine.

"Armed military without insignia, which disturb the peace, seizing government buildings, incite the population, trained separatists, conduct military training and thus have the opportunity to help serious destabilization in the country," Breedlove said in an interview with newspaper Welt am Sonntag newspaper.

Russia demonstrated a "new type of war" in Ukraine and it's is important that NATO countries were prepared for new "green men."

When asked about the consequences in case other Eastern European countries encounter the so-called "green men", Breedlove reminded about NATO's Article 5, which stipulates rights to a collective defense.

"We must develop domestic, national scenarios to identify and overcome such actions," he said.

Regardless of Russia's aggression in Ukraine and the fact that Moscow actively supports pro-Kremlin fighters in Donbas, there is no NATO country that would now want "a military intervention," Breedlove said.