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Baltics call presidential elections in Abkhazia ’unlawful’

Baltic officials have criticized elections in the break away region of Abkhazia in Geo

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Tallinn to prohibit consumption of alcohol in public places

New plans could be put in place in Tallinn prohibiting drinking alcohol in public spac

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Putin is ’short sighted’, claims expert amid Ukraine conflict

"Russia's goals are actually very short-sighted," believes the former he

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Russia imperialistic dreams cloud reality, says expert

Russian President Vladimir Putin is pulling on the imperialistic heartstrings of the R

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Latvian residents donate goods and aid to war torn eastern Ukraine

Riga city council will allocate 100,000 euros of aid to eastern Ukraine.

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Lithuania envoy murdered in eastern Ukraine

Lithuania says its honorary consul in the rebel-held Luhansk in eastern Ukraine has be

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Baltic farmers urge Brussels to take measures following Russia’s sanctions

Baltic farmers will turn to the European Commission with calls for a solution to Russi

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NATO military bases in Baltics will give rise to arms race, says diplomat

The establishment of NATO military bases in the Baltics will give rise to an arms race

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Lithuania signs major gas deal with Norwegian firm

Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) supply and natural gas trading company Litgas, a part of e

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Security gears up ahead of Obama’s Estonia visit

Up to 300 defense forces members will be used to provide additional security duri

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