Latvian residents donate goods and aid to war torn eastern Ukraine

  • 2014-08-25
  • From wire reports, RIGA

(photo: twitter)

Riga city council will allocate 100,000 euros of aid to eastern Ukraine.

The money will go towards buying baby food and residents in the war torn region, LETA reports.

The aid will be rendered using the International Red Cross services. The money will be allotted from the Riga City Council's reserve funds.

Elsewhere, Latvia's Defense Ministry reports that residents have donated back-packs, book bags and school supplies weighing a total of several tons in a drive specifically for the children of Ukrainian soldiers.

In July, the ministry had released an invitation to take part in a campaign supporting the children in Ukraine as they start the new school year. The campaign's deadline expired this week, and the next step will be delivery to Ukraine.

The humanitarian assistance drive was meant to be for military personnel only, but news of it spread throughout the community, prompting action. Many people donated money with which brand new supplies were purchased, the ministry reports.