Bosnian fans mistake Lithuania for Latvia

A group of Bosnian football fans were left in a rage after they mistook Latvia for Lithuania.

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More students offered education grants

Over 100 students and government officials will gather in Kaunas, Lithuania on Oct. 24-25 for

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Hundreds of events planned for Latvia’s presidency

Up to 200 events will take place in Latviaafter it takes control of the European Union preside

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Lithuania elected to UN Security Council

Lithuania has been elected to the United National Security Council for the first time in its h

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Uzbek leader visits Latvia to strengthen ties

Latvia and Uzbekistan have created stronger ties after the latter country's president visi

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Riigikogu candidates win big

Ninety-three members of the Estonian Riigikogu were among the candidates in the Estonian munic

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Latvian troops depart for Afghanistan

Around 130 Latvian soldiers have departed for Afghanistan for security operations, reports LET

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Estonians arrested in Indian weapons raid

Fourteen Estonian nationals have been arrested in India after a ship they were on and carrying

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Kallas praises EU transport system

The pan-European transport network – nine future corridors – that will be announce

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