Bosnian fans mistake Lithuania for Latvia

  • 2013-10-24
  • TBT staff RIGA

A group of Bosnian football fans were left in a rage after they mistook Latvia for Lithuania.

Haris Tresnjo and friends traveled to the Baltics on Oct. 15 to watch their national team take on Lithuania in Kaunas.

However, instead of going to Lithuania, they ended up a few hundred kilometers away, in Latvia.

Tresnjo told Bosnian news site how he and his friends walked around Riga before they realized the mistake.

“We asked some people in English, where is everybody and where is the football match being played. We told them we came from Bosniato cheer for our team, but they just laughed at us and told us that we were very far from the stadium.” he said.

“A younger guy then approached us and explained that we are in the wrong country, and that the match is not being played in Latvia, but in Lithuania. We wandered a bit more through the capital, just to make sure.” 

“I will surely remember this stupidity for the rest of my life,” Tresnjo added.

All was not lost for the loyal football fans, however. They soon found a cafe that broadcast the match and cheered their team on as they beat Lithuania, 1-0.

Bosnia went on to qualify for the World Cup 2015, to be held in Brazil.