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Goodbye to a not-your-average, but really extraordinary American!

She has learnt some Lithuanian mushroom pickling secrets, ventured into the chilly Baltic Sea

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The revolt of crooks

We had long thought that cleptocracy is something safely distanced from Europe and, therefore,

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International Criminal Court: a Focus on Victims

Be it CNN,  BBC, France 24, YLE or Eesti Televisioon, the past months have been a lot abo

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Slouching toward the elections

Although in less than six weeks Lithuanians will go to the polls to elect a new parliament, th

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Promoting progress through teamwork

After five years as Ambassador to the United States, Andrejs Pildegovics is returning to Latvi

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Remembering a friend of the Baltic States

John Hiden, an eminent British historian and a dedicated friend of the Baltic States, passed a

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21 years of independence – a success story

On August 20, Estonia celebrated its Independence Day from the Soviet Union. When those tumult

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Man in the shadow who now plays big

Youthful in his strict English-style suit by day in his office at Spinter Surveys, a market an

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Pussy Riot: What is all this fuss about?

Sometimes people exhibit this strange psychological tendency, that when faced with problems, t

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Traffic safety in Latvia: Still in need of improvement

The European Transport Safety Council has recently concluded that every day there is an &lsquo

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