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Putting Uspaskich in jail

In 2013, Viktor Uspaskich, the leader of Labor Party, will face the possibility to exchange hi

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Is there a Santa Claus?

The following editorial, among the most famous ever written, appeared in The New York Sun in 1

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End-of-the-world scenario for those at the edge of sanity

If you are a Christian, what does your soul exude in anticipation of the yearly celebration of

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The Age of Post-politics

At a conference, the Italian philosopher Gianni Vattimo claimed straightforwardly that politic

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Open letter to U.S. Ambassador to Latvia Mark Pekala

I was disappointed that you chose not to meet with me when I was in Latvia recently, even thou

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The challenges for Lithuania’s new government

“Feeling lonely? The EU will &!%$ you every time,” reads the poster by Norwegi

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The newest MEP from Lithuania

On Nov. 16, Justina Vitkauskaite Bernard, 35, became a new Lithuanian member of the European P

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Very much a step in the right direction

It is rather uncommon for Latvian politicians to do something which harms their own interests,

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Zvidrins’ book discusses Baltic losses

RIGA - Russian Ambassador to Latvia Alexander Veshnyakov says he is concerned about the anti-R

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Jewish culture resurgence

VILNIUS - Lithuania on Sunday launched a new campaign for European students that seeks to reve

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