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Visa-free travel on hold

TALLINN -  At a European Union-Russian summit in Rostov at the beginning of June this yea

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Janicenoks gives VEF Riga maiden Eurocup victory

RIGA, Latvia – Kristaps Janicenoks has led VEF to their first Eurocup victory in dramati

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Wikileaks cable blames Russia for 2007 Estonian cyber attacks

TALLINN - A cable recently leaked by Wikileaks has accussed Russia of orchestrating high-profi

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Jewish cemetary defiled by vandals

RIGA - Latvian political leaders have condemned the desecration of over 100 gravestones in New

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Wikileaks reveals NATO defense plans for Baltics

BRUSSELS - NATO is scrambling to control damage done to Russian relations following the releas

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Police expect conterfeiting increase

TALLINN - Estonian police have said they expect an increase in money counterfeiting when the c

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Power plant tender breaks down

VILNIUS - Lithuania's tender for the construction of the country's new nuclear power p

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Latvian government agrees on budget

RIGA - The newly elected Latvian government has agreed on a budget for next year and passed th

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Estonia garners unanimous support for shared IT center

TALLINN - EU member states Thursday gave unanimous approval to Estonia one of two member state

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Runner cleared of doping charges

VILNIUS - Lithuanian champion marathon runner Zivile Balciunaite has avoided a ban on competin

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