Wikileaks reveals NATO defense plans for Baltics

  • 2010-12-07
  • TBT Staff

It is feared that NATO's contingency plan against a Russian attack will have a negative impact on world relations.

BRUSSELS - NATO is scrambling to control damage done to Russian relations following the release of Wikileaks documents that outline a defense plan for the Baltics in case of an attack from the east.

The defense plan, known as "Eagle Guardian", was created in Brussels last January following pressure from German and US diplomats. It includes Poland's defense strategy to include the Baltic states

"On January 22, NATO's Military Committee agreed to expand Eagle Guardian, the Alliance's contingency plan for the reinforcement and defense of Poland, to also include the defense and reinforcement of Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania," said the cable, published on Monday in the Guardian.

The document was reportedly ordered kept secret over fears that it would exacerbate some of the problems with NATO-Russia relations.

Paul Teesalu, security director in the Estonian foreign ministry, described the defense plan as an "early Christmas present," but stressed that the country was not looking to cause an increase in tensions.