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Plan for Germany to buy Greek bonds dismissed as 'nonsense'

A German MEP says Germany, France and the Netherlands will buy Greek bonds to help Athens deal with

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German state buys Swiss bank data in tax evasion crackdown

The western German state of North-Rhine Westphalia has confirmed buying a CD with information on Ger

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Regional News: Opolskie

A row has broken out at Opole University over a proposal to award the film director Krzysztof Zanuss

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Regional News: Podlaskie

Three men died and one more is seriously injured in hospital following an accident on the site of a

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Anti-fur farming protesters demand Finnish agriculture minister's resignation

 About 200 protesters from five animal rights groups staged a demonstration in central He

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Activists reveal gross neglects on fur farms

Serious shortcomings appear once again to have been revealed in the conditions of anima

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Travelling abroad

For Finns travel has become something of a national pastime. Large industries have grown

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What's the best way to spend abroad?

Should the traveller use cash or cards? Exchange money here or there? Someone in the indu

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Finnish fiscal policy meets EU transparency standards

Finland's debt management tactics resemble Greek counterparts but are deemed acceptable b

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Handguns continue to cause debate

Committee calls for a ban on semi-automatic handguns, but Finnish police chief says ban

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