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Guttenberg promises inquiry amid more reports of hazing in German military

The extent of humiliating treatment of soldiers going through initiation rituals in the German milit

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Germany denies accusations it failed to pay WWII reparations to Greece

Tension between Germany and Greece has risen after offensive doctored photographs have appeared in b

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Germany reacts with understanding to bishop's resignation

Reaction from within Germany to the resignation of the leader of the country's Lutherans has been su

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Sejm approves business-friendly tax changes

The Sejm on 19 February passed a series of changes to tax laws intended to make life easier to busi

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PM shakes up government in response to criticism

Nearly all government ministries were affected by the Prime Minister's cabinet reshuffling today, ye

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Company milks Eva Mendes for star power

Eva Mendes promotes Danish chocolate milk company Cocio and sexes up its image in the process...

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Don Ø finished at Parken

Recent economic problems for Parken Sport & Entertainment have resulted in its long-time chairman st

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Authority blasts pharmacy competitiveness

Competition Authority recommends widespread changes in the pharmacy system to improve service and wa

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Job losses cost the state billions

State coffers lose out on almost 50 billion kroner as private sector job losses affect tax revenue..

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Usackas receives key EU Afghanistan posting

BRUSSELS - Former Lithuanian Foreign Minister Vygaudas Usackas has been nominated to become th

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