The World from Berlin: Drunk Driving German Bishop Resigns

Over the weekend, the head of the Protestant church in Germany was caught drunk driving. While Germa

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Far-Right Lords of the Manor: Neo-Nazis Buy Palace in Eastern Germany

Two prominent neo-Nazis have bought a crumbling 18th century palace in an eastern German village. Th

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Berlin Takes On Washington: German Foreign Minister Pushes for NATO Nuclear Drawdown

German Foreign Minister Guido Westerwelle has been vocal in his demands that the US remove its nucle

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Increasing Pressure on Iran: Merkel Calls on Russia and China to Support Tougher Sanctions

Chancellor Angela Merkel has called on China and Russia to support tough sanctions against Tehran in

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Winter Olympics 2018: Ambivalence Meets Bavarian Bid for Games

German athletes and officials in Vancouver are lobbying hard for Munich to be chosen to host the 201

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Jobless Rate At New High, Up 9.2 Percent

The unemployment rate jumped last month to the highest since March as companies struggled to raise n

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Tax Benefits Proposed For Tech Investors

MOSCOW — Russia may offer tax benefits for companies that invest in technology and for some energy p

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'Merry Gnome' Suffers Over Presidential Visit

MOSCOW — Officials in Omsk hastily removed a theater poster reading, "We Await You, Merry Gnome," ah

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MOSCOW — Prosecutors shut down the web site on Thursday after accusing Russia's most pop

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Clinton Urges Russia to Cooperate With NATO on Missile Defense

WASHINGTON — U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton called on Russia to collaborate with the North

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