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Support for euro down in Estonia

TALLINN - Despite an agressive campaign to build support for the euro in Estonia, the most rec

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Latvian hostages "alive and well"

NYALA - The three Latvian helicopter pilots kidnapped in the Darfur region of Sudan are alive

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Police identify "hit-and-run" officer

LUDZA - Police in the Eastern Latvian town of Ludza say they have identified the officer invol

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Transgender toys "manufacturing error"

VILNIUS - An investigation into the distribution of transgender children's toys - female d

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Latvia not to pay ransom for kidnapped aid workers

RIGA - The Latvian foreign ministry has announced that it will not meet any ransom demands del

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Estonian wins gold at world fencing championships

TALLINN - Estonia's Nikolai Novosjolov, 30, has won gold in the Men's Epee event at th

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Bank of Latvia country's most profitable company

RIGA - A recent "Top 500" company report by Dienas Bizness has found that the Bank o

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Estonia wins ECHR ruling

ROME - The European Court of Human Rights has ruled in Estonia's favor in a case where the

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Lithuania names new terminal location

VILNIUS - A government task force has nominated the waters off the Couronian Spit as the best

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New Latvian cabinet approved by parilament

RIGA - Latvia's new government, made up of a coalition between "Unity" and the &

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