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With the black market booming, alcohol producers focus on exports

KLAIPEDA - If you are in a liquor store in Lithuania and wondering how much the state pockets

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Alcohol producers battle illegal market and shadow economy

RIGA - The alcohol producers’ market has decreased following the general retail market t

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Tourists are unsung hero for liquor industry

TALLINN - According to the Estonian Alcohol Producers Association, nine million liters of stro

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The days of low premiums are over

RIGA - The insurance market, which was booming together with the real estate market and afford

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Insurance companies working through tough times

TALLINN - A recent consumer study showed that private customers in Estonia, Latvia and Lithuan

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With more insurance policies signed, market experts predict economy recovery

KLAIPEDA - Market experts unanimously agree that the insurance market is the best litmus test

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For both residents and municipalities, waste management is like a noose around the neck

KLAIPEDA - The garbage business is a golden vein for collectors in developed Western countries

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Waste management on the eve of conceptual changes

RIGA - The waste management industry is considered one of the most sophisticated business fiel

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Looking for new uses of used plastics

TALLINN - The Environmental Investments Center gave the green light to seven waste recycling p

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Christmas goods sellers hope for brighter holidays this year

RIGA - Christmas goods sales so far this year are very successful for some sellers and not so

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