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'Cat and mouse' game continues over existence of Lembergs' 'list'

RIGA - Ventspils Mayor Aivars Lembergs (For Latvia and Ventspils) paid out at least 7 million

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Opposition falls in line to agree on common goal

TALLINN - Estonia’s parliament backed the 2010 budget in the final reading on Dec. 9, ad

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Eesti in brief - 2009-12-17

Estonian students are third in Europe, after Finland and Ireland, for their reading skills and

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Estonia's fiscal house in order as parliament approves 2010 'euro' budget

TALLINN - The Baltic Tiger Estonia is going all out to meet the euroadoption criteria, as anal

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Lithuania's Christmas dream comes true

Lithuania got its most desired Christmas gift. Last September, Lithuania was not among the top

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Baltic presidents optimistic about economy

VILNIUS - The three presidents of the Baltic states at a trilateral meeting in Vilnius have sa

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Estonia asked to cut CO2 emissions

TALLINN - The EU has again asked Estonia to draw up a new cap for CO2 emissions as part of the

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Slesers plans formation of new government

RIGA - Ainars Slesers, the co-chairman of the LPP/LC political party and vice-mayor of Riga, h

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Baltics concerned over French-Russian arms deal

RIGA - All three Baltic states have now expressed concerns over a prospective arms deal that w

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Lembergs paid $7 million over 5 years - paper

VENTSPILS - Latvian-language daily newespaper Diena has reported that embattled Ventspils city

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