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Three arrested for assassinations

RIGA - Three men have been arrested in connection with a number of high-profile contract killi

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Savisaar accuses media of right-wing bias

TALLINN - Center Party leader and Tallinn City Mayor Edgar Savisaar has accussed the Estonian

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Vilnius city council considers selling main office

VILNIUS - The Vilnius City Council has voted in favor of selling their headquarters in a bid t

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Trencis aquitted of corruption charges

JURMALA - Former Jurmala Mayor Girts Trencis has been found not guilty of misuse of power by a

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Baltics support new Afghanistan strategy

RIGA - The three Baltic states have expressed their support for the new plan outlined by US Pr

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EC to appeal decision on Estonian, Polish carbon emissions

BRUSSELS - The European Commission has said that it will appeal a court decision granting high

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NDX Energija to sell LeoLT share

VILNIUS - NDX Energija has agreed to seel its share in national power utility company LeoLT to

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PM warns of violent protests

VILNIUS - Lithuanian Prime Minister Andrius Kubilius has warned that protests have a high chan

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HIV problem highlighted on world AIDS day

TALLINN - The prevalance of AIDS in the Baltics has been highlighted by world AIDS day this we

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Latvian recession to cost nearly 40% of GDP

RIGA - A recent report from the Bank of Latvia has found that the recession will cost Latvia a

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