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Surviving the tough times

Indra Freiberga is the Head of the Investment and Development Agency of Latvia (LIAA) in the United

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Investing out of the crisis

Though the crisis has had a significant effect on the economic development of Lithuania, there are m

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Minu Eesti findings

Make Estonia a 100% eco-farming country. Create an individual brand for Estonian produce and also en

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Economic growing pains

TALLINN - Estonia is facing a significant challenge with economic activity contracting, unemployment

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The right time to buy

Kaspars Klapkalns is the company manager of Laivu Depo, a Latvian yacht company, and one of the most

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Some things never stop sparkling

Marilyn Monroe knew what she was talking about when she sang that diamonds are a girl's best friend.

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In the business of bling

RIGA - In Latvia luxury goods have come to symbolize not only wealth, but status and a way of life.

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Security firms play the waiting game

VILNIUS - Security companies are feeling the pinch as businesses and private individuals are forced

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Looking for the silver lining

Ralfs Jansons is the Chairman of the Board of Domuss real estate in Latvia, a daughter company of th

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A scientific view of the real estate bubble

With significant decreases in real estate markets around the world, real estate prices in Lithuania

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