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The view from Tallinn

The port of Tallinn is the largest in the country, with five ice free harbors.  As a land lord

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A sea of change at Klaipeda

VILNIUS - Following a year of record-breaking cargo handling, Klaipeda port posted significant reduc

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The link between economies

Andris Vilks is the Chief Economist at SEB Bank in Riga and one of the country's leading economic an

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Devaluation would hurt the economy

Zilvinas Silenas is a senior analyst at the Lithuanian Free Market Institute. He is an expert in ene

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Crunch time for the kroon

TALLINN - Having faced great duress from external and internal economic circumstances, the Estonian

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Desperate times call for desperate measures

On Jan. 6 Estonian debt collection agency CKE Inkasso unveiled a rather extreme strategy to encourag

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Debt from the front line

What are your main duties [as a debt collector]? Under the Republic of Lithuani

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Latvians struggle with debt

RIGA - Rising corporate debt levels in Latvia have hit businesses and individuals hard as the econom

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The Swedish factor

Kristiina Sikk is the ombudsman of the Swedish Chamber of Commerce in Estonia. Founded in 1991, the

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Do business in Lithuwhere?

VILNIUS - Lithuania has failed to attract substantial foreign direct investment (FDI) because it has

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