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Crisis puts squeeze on employment services 

RIGA - As local employment markets dry up, Latvian recruitment services are facing dwindling demand

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How one mall developer stays strong as retailers flail

Linstow Center Management has a history of developing successful shopping centers in Latvia, and in

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Location can make all the difference

As the economic crisis tightens its grip, location and smart business practice has become a matter o

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Carving up the retail pie

VILNIUS - Carving out a piece of what's left of the retail sector will be the key to survival for th

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Time to get organized

When there are shaky periods in the markets it is the right time to get it all together. The Baltic

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Getting wired: businesses look to the Internet

Estonia's work toward an e-government is only one of the many exciting online innovations in the Bal

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Estonia, a hub of IT excellence

TALLINN - There is no doubt about it: Estonia is wired. In the past few years, this small Eastern Eu

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Unique projects are in demand  

VILNIUS - Vyrokas business group, founded in 1994, consists of four companies working in the real es

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Strategic cuts: surviving the crisis

RIGA - Skanska, a Swedish company with offices all around the world, is the biggest construction com

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Construction boom goes bust

RIGA - After years of whopping growth, Latvia's credit-starved construction industry is fighting for

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