The right time for Latvian wind

Paulis Barons is the Latvian Association of Local and Regional Government's advisor for energy. He i

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Utilizing the forces of nature

Edita Milutiene is the director of public institution Renewable Energy Information Consultation Cent

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Harnessing Baltic wind

RIGA - The bitterly cold winds that tear across the Baltic Sea have so far brought Estonia little bu

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The Estonian property crash

Tonu Toompark is a prominent Estonian real estate analyst with Adaur Grupp OU. Toompark spoke with T

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The effects of tumbling prices

Saulius Vagonis is the Valuation and Market Research Group Manager with Ober-Haus Real Estate Adviso

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A bubble burst: the downfall of Latvian real estate

RIGA - The real estate market in Latvia has ground to a standstill with little buying or development

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The view from Latvia

Andris Vilks is the chief economist for SEB Latvija, one of the largest banks in the country. Here,

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The Estonian perspective

Ulo Kaasik is head of the Economics Department at the Bank of Estonia. Here, he gives his prediction

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The year of the tightening belt

VILNIUS - Doom and gloom is forecast for the Lithuanian economy in 2009. Negative growth rates and h

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