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On a mission pushing for human rights and responsibilities

Thomas Hammarberg was elected Commissioner for Human Rights on Oct. 5, 2005, by the Council of

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BLAME THE RUSSIANS! - An Estonian Myth?

Part of the Estonian dis-ease is an inability to separate fact from fiction when it comes to n

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Letter from IMF Managing Director to Open Civil Meetings

Open Civil Meetingsc/o Gunnar SigurðssonHolmgaroi 27108 Reykjav

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Kubilius at the crossroad

Lithuanian Prime Minister Andrius Kubilius is an intelligent man. However, it is time that he either

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A basketball legend coaching Lietuvos Rytas

Rimas Kurtinaitis wasn't just a Lithuanian basketball player, he was one of the best players in Euro

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Holidays and flag hoisting in the Baltic states

On the morning of Nov. 8, I cheered my father and other friends in a celebration of Father's Day, bu

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Two countries not so far apart

Jose Luis Alonso is the Spanish ambassador to Lithuania. He arrived in Vilnius almost two years ago

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Unnoticed Fascism

Norman Cohn (1915-2007), the recently deceased British historian, argued in his book Warrant for Gen

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Nepotism: On and On and On

The next time that Oxford University revises its magisterial dictionary, I will propose that alongsi

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Inspiration is only the beginning of great work

Michael Wynne-Parker is a man of many accomplishments. He is currently chairman of Guild Travel and

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