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Cutting corruption

After lengthy delays Normunds Vilnitis was recently appointed head of Latvia's Corruption Prevention

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In his puppy dog eagerness to please the Latvian public, President Valdis Zatlers has unfortunately

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In the name of the Queen

Simon Butt is the incumbent British ambassador to Lithuania and has been working in the country for

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Forging an identity

Estonia has the flavor of a bipolar culture 's people identify themselves as either Russian or Eston

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The spirit of teamwork

With the press in the Baltics churning out page after page of economic doom and gloom, crisis and co

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Hello, Foreigner! Now Get the Hell Out!

One would think that at almost any time, but particularly during an economic crisis, a country would

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Turning political heads

Anna-Maria Galojan is the youngest female politician in Estonia. Galojan sat down with The Baltic Ti

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Stupidity as a political statement

A fear of losing their jobs is becoming almost palatable among Russian-speaking teachers is Estonia

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Looking to the future

Aldis Greitans is the board chairman of Itella Information. His expertise includes Itella's direct a

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Sticks and Stones

In the 1990s, one Lithuanian daily, Respublika, helped to turn the tide against crime syndicates tha

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