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The guiding hand of faith

Bryan P. Bradley, an American with no Lithuanian roots, has been working with the Catholic organizat

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Staying cool in Latvia's hottest seat

RIGA - Under ordinary circumstances, the office of prime minister is keenly sought by politicians. B

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Future cooperation between the Baltic States

Since the early 1990's the three Baltic states have become members of a number of international orga

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Enterprise - a healthy horse pulling a sturdy wagon, or just a cow we can milk?

Sir Winston Churchill - probably the greatest statesman of the twentieth century-said: "Some people

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The productive life, it's more than just luck

Being in politics, to many politicians, means the almost unavoidable entanglement in the roller-coas

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Discovering Lithuania for Sweden

Jonas Ohman is a Swedish author, translator and journalist, who has been visiting Lithuania for

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When the Military Gets Tangled up in Politics

Back in 2005, Latvia purchased five mine-sweeping ships from the Netherlands. This is nothing extrao

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Kirillov's life of beauty

Georgy Kirillov has devoted his entire life to poetry, having published ten volumes in Russian, one

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The Difficult Lessons of Estonia's Foreign Policy

The first president of newly independent Estonia, Lennart Meri, said that a small country's diplomac

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An Inconsistent Baltic crisis

For a year now no one uses the 'Baltic Tigers' euphemism anymore, when describing the three Baltic e

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