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  • 2008-05-08
My ire is targeted at your article "Oh no, it's Osho:  a villain speaks from beyond the grave" by Talis Saule Archdeacon.

I'd humbly request you not to poke your nose into the matters you might have no information about. The language Talis Saule Archdeacon speaks is that of typical anti-Osho propagandists, most of who are past Oshoites, who carry bitterness because of their own failures.

Osho Rajneesh is not all about only the so-called Oregan fiasco. He had already established himself as a thought provoking guru in India, years before he traveled to Oregan. He spent several years back in Pune, India, after returning back from the U.S.A and his discourses are not just limited to his time spent there.
 The Oregon fiasco itself was the handiwork of some of his lawless disciples, who had started deceiving even Osho by the time the unsavory events began unfolding. I'd further add the opinion expressed by "A" in the above mentioned article, falls closer to the reality about Osho, and this I say as a neutral observer, who has spent years reading and brainstorming about him in India.

Kindly, keep away from making such impulsive reporting. You will be doing a great disservice to many who might benefit from Osho's words, but will panic now reading Talis' foolish anti overtures! Hurt but not that I wouldn't say...Warm Regards,

Pankaj Mohan
(Ahmedabad, India)


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