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Baltics near U.S. visa freedom

WASHINGTON 's Officials from the U.S. have released a flurry of statements inthe past few day

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Baltics decide on war in Iraq

TALLINN 's The Estonian DefenseMinistry has completed a bill that would extend the country's

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Doctors, teachers, police protest low wages

RIGA 's Latvian medical workers,teachers and police took to the streets Friday to demand high

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Lithuania drops war crimes case

VILNIUS 's The LithuanianProsecutor General's Office has officially dropped the investigation

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Baltic corruption rating remains mediocre

VILNIUS - TransparencyInternational has released its Corruption Perception Index and rated the thr

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Former official arrested for treason

TALLINN 's One of Estonia'sformer top security chiefs has been arrested on

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Serial killer confesses

RIGA 's A manfrom the southern-Latvian town of Bauskahas confessed to murde

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U.S. condemns 'illegal' Soviet occupation of Baltics

WASHINGTON - The U.S. Senatehas unanimously passed a bill declaring the Soviet occupation of

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Cracks open in ruling coalition

TALLINN - Major cracks have appeared in the Estonian ruling coalitionas the main parties engage in

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Lithuania to drop the draft

VILINIUS - The Lithuanian Defense Minister has signed a decree endingmandatory military service in

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