Baltics to acquire fighter jets

TALLINN - The Baltic countries may acquirefighters after 2018 in order to police their air sp

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Tiger, tiger, burning (not so) bright…

VILNIUS -- A worrying verdict has been given on the state of the Baltic economies from one of

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Paint it red- Russian Day of Victory

Today throughout the Baltics and Russia, the Day of Victory for theRussian army in World War

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Latvia finally wins one. Fans go wild

After suffering crushing defeats from both Canada and the U.S. in the World Championship hockey Latv

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Ship stranded off Latvia's coast

RIGA 's Headline news around the world today as a cruiseship carrying close to 1000 people wa

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Getting ready for the five-day weekend

This long weekend is the longest one of the year, with fivedays free in both Latvia andLith

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Lithuania's economics worries neighbors

VILNIUS- Lithuanian retailers are continuously observing aweakening consumption in neighborin

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EU putting a stop to Lithuanian-Russian blocks

VILNIUS- European nations tried Thursday to convince Lithuaniato lift its ban on talks with M

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Reading the border signs

MOSCOW- A fruitful meeting of governmentofficials took place in Moscow today, regarding the markin

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