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Discovering passion on the blue waves

RIGA - My calendar told me that the topic of this week's "Experience the Baltics" was boating and ya

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Increasingly savvy Balts turn to investment funds to beat inflationary curve

Hedge funds and private equity investors are pushing Baltic stocks to new highs, while almost weekly

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Fund managers see a decreasing number of bargains

TALLINN - Let's face it, for investors looking to buy cheap and make it big in the emerging Eastern

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Old customs give way to new

VILNIUS - The traditional wedding week (or even two), when an entire village celebrated a marriage,

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Legends, ritual and the modern marriage

RIGA - For years I've wondered why the most revered and longstanding love stories are those with cat

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Estonians saving more

TALLINN - Average monthly expenses per family member amounted to 3,712 kroons (237 euros) in 2006, w

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Latvians embrace an era of easy money

RIGA - Choose Life. Choose a job. Choose a career. Choose a family. Choose a big television, choose

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The rise of the Baltic credit card

KAUNAS - As debit cards reach saturation point in all three Baltic states, the banking industry is a

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Car leases accelerate in popularity as more Estonians hit the road

TALLINN - Estonia has caught the car-buying bug. A quick glance at any parking lot in Tallinn reveal

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Look out Laima, Emihls Gustavs is back!

RIGA - Latvians have long been proud of their sweets. From rich biezpiens (cottage cheese) pastries

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