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Latvia's music industry still struggling

RIGA - We were smack dab in the middle of those five hot days in May when musician Victor Cailas agr

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Concert promotion in the Baltics: Coming to a town far from you!

TALLINN - Just because your favorite band is planning a world tour does not mean they are coming to

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Structural funds shift into second gear

RIGA - Those beautiful new roads you've been cruising along are there, in large part, thanks to EU s

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Experts assess Estonia after three years of EU-driven growth

TARTU - In the run-up to the September 2003 referendum on European Union accession, supporters and s

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A weekend getaway for those not intimidated by driving

RIGA - Life in Riga is exciting and offers a wide range of possibilities to fill any free time we ma

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Saaremaa: Estonia's Island Getaway

TALLINN - Just as the widespread and free wireless Internet and the density of computer progra

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Experience the past in Kernave

VILNIUS - If car exhaust, cement beneath your feet and traffic jams are getting you down perhaps a t

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Baltic Business Elite

Behind the impressive economic performance of the Baltic states, there is a core group of businesspe

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Murdoch buys two Latvian TV channels

RIGA - Rupert Murdoch's global media empire entered the Baltic market after News Corp Europe rec

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Water taxi provides a new way to Nida

KLAIPEDA - Even though Klaipeda is a port city, water transport here is still fairly underdeveloped.

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