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A new choice for lovers of chocolate

TARTU - In the past, when the words "Estonia" and "chocolate" were used in the same sentence, "Kalev

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Heaven on the sweet streets of Vilnius

VILNIUS - Belgium may be chocoholic heaven, but Lithuania is fast catching up in this scrumptious bu

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Latvian firms after world market share

The lingerie that you slipped out of last night or the medication you took for that runny nose this

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Wood is as good as gold for Lithuania

VILNIUS - In February, Giriu Bizonas completed construction of a new 58 million euro woodchip-board

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Tartu's IT firms ponder going global

TARTU - By most accounts, the IT sector in Tartu is bustling. There are around 10 large IT employers

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Vilnius spectators destined to catch the fashion bug at Mados infekcija

VILNIUS - Okay, so Vilnius is not Milan, Paris or London, and subsequently offering a fashion week i

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Giving designers business know-how

RIGA - Days prior to Nordic Design Workshops II being held, I entered the doors of The Latvian Acade

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Preparing Balts for a bright future

Breakneck economic development, a demanding job market and pressures from abroad have reshaped the B

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Baltic universities spark international interest

RIGA - State universities in the Baltics have recently seen an explosion in interest from foreign st

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Everything for my beloved dog

VILNIUS - As the saying goes, dogs are man's best friend, and if economic indicators are anything to

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